UK Pharmaceutical Industry continues cautious use of Social Media


Novartis UK has recently joined Twitter, becoming the latest pharmaceutical firm set up a twitter account in the country, where a cautious approach appears to be the norm for the industry.

From their outlined Twitter guidelines, Novartis plans a 48-hour turnaround for responding to direct messages and requests users not to turn to the network to report adverse events.

The UK industry has long been told that there’s nothing to stop it using social media, providing it remains compliant with ABPI’s Code of Practice, but few companies have taken the plunge.

Among those that have are the likes of GSK and AZ, whose UK-headquartered operations make using Twitter a must for communications and brand awareness.

Meanwhile, affiliates that have made longstanding use of the platform include Janssen UK and Bayer UK (both of which joined in January 2010), and Boehringer Ingelheim UK.

However, several UK companies are planning to ramp up their use of social media in the coming months, including Lilly UK and Pfizer UK. The latter firm has said it wants to make “a step-change in Pfizer’s presence across existing and emerging social media networks”.