Twitter to roll out tools to improve “health of public conversation”

Twitter has stated it will be releasing a series of long heralded features to certain users over the coming weeks, with the aim of creating an “increase the health of public conversation”.

The new changes feature an ‘ice breaker’ tool offering members the opportunity to resort to a pre-scripted message they can use to engage fellow users in conversation, with the possibility for this message to be pinned to the top of a profile as a ready made conversation starter.

Twitter will also introduce a signal indicating when an individual is currently online, encouraging back and forth with those individuals in a position to respond in real time.

Finally the social platform will also overhaul threaded replies to simplify the process of replying to a specific tweet within a longer conversation rather than simply joining the herd on the leading edge of the broader discussion.

Twitter has thus far remained quiet on when the functionality will be made available to all members but hopes the changes go some way towards improving its reputation as a refuge for trolls, which has already triggered a range of anti-abuse features.

Source: theDrum