Themes for Lions Health 2019 announced

Cannes Lions spoke to various people across the Health & Wellness sector to understand which questions need answering at this year’s Festival. In 2019, the four themes running across the two-day content programme will focus on the biggest challenges surrounding the creation, execution and impact of awe-inspiring creativity in healthcare:

1. Using Creativity to Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Creativity has the power to transform. Cannes Lions will go behind the scenes with award-winning brands and creatives to see how the world’s most effective work changed behaviours, dialogue and attitudes. P&G and Publicis Singapore join them on stage to explore the award-winning Vicks’ #TouchOfCare campaign. McCann Health demonstrates how creativity is truly the key to doing good work, that works.

2. The Future Healthcare Company

How and where we access healthcare is changing. Hear from global pharma entities and new B2C start-ups on how creativity will shape structural evolution in the sector. The exciting speaker line-up includes former Microsoft Research scientist and Founder of Seeing AI, Chinese biotech firm Cenova Ventures, with WPP Health & Wellness and tech giant Philips.

3. Designing Healthcare for Real People

Patients are now looking for seamless healthcare experiences. Lions Health explores experiments in everything from voice tech and chatbots to gaming and music, on stage with designers and technologists. GlaxoSmithKline shows us how powerful design can enable the creation of memorable experiences, and Serviceplan showcases the innovative work that Dot Inc. is doing to improve accessibility in the digital world.

4. Cut-through Storytelling in Healthcare

Arresting narratives have the power to provoke action and awareness. Leading artists, writers, directors and creatives share how they shape and tell stories around healthcare – transcending demographics, geographies and language.  Hear from P&G Health on the insight-based emotional campaign that found a way to speak to people as humans. Plus, Audere Communications will talk about the power of podcasts and the spoken word in healthcare storytelling.

Source: advertising health