The Aftermath of Meeting Exciting New Talent


I may well have mentioned to all and sundry last week that the team here at MedComms Professionals planned to do something very special on Thursday 3rd September. We held another of our assessment centres designed to help smooth the way for junior candidates into the medical communications industry.

From our keynote speakers in the morning (our very own consultants Lowri and Matt) imparting informative content about the industry to director Sarah’s digitally focused presentation task, the day was packed out with ways to make our candidates think about the roles they were so keen to aspire to.


Under the time and stress pressures of presenting, the candidates had to put together ideas for a brand launch and consider a wide variety of digital tactics. As the pharmaceutical industry moves forward into the world of digital, agencies everywhere are coming up with increasingly ingenious and stunning solutions in the form of websites, apps, games and more along with the more traditional offline pieces such as posters and detail aids.



Anyone who wants to get into medical communications should be able to embrace the world of digital as there is a real need for savvy juniors who understand digital marketing in order to help propel agencies to new heights. Our candidates did a brilliant job of coming up with ideas including YouTube campaigns and rolling out branding across a whole range of social media websites.


We were struck by the dedication of the group from the very start of the day. Before we kicked off with the morning presentations, they were already swapping email addresses and putting networking skills to good use. Throughout the morning they were engaged and involved, asking some very insightful questions and immersing themselves with the task at hand.

By the afternoon they were ready and raring to prove their potential in the tasks we had set for them and weren’t even phased when one of their assessors got stuck in the lift (or at least that’s the story he gave for his absence). Brimming over with these ideas and concepts, they showed clearly why they are the future of med comms.

We brought the day to a close with a classic negotiation task, The Shipwreck. This involved a scenario where candidates are assigned a persona and explain as to why they should be allowed on a raft and save themselves from the sinking ship. Creativity was clearly present as candidates pitched the manifested reasons why they ought to be the ones to remain. The captain eventually decided to allow logic to rule the day and chivalrously ruled himself out of survival, by choosing to follow the tradition of going down with the ship.

Obviously the next steps for us are to get feedback to the candidates on how well they did on the day and to start bringing them to the attention of our clients. Near perfect scores on writing tests and winning attitudes are not something that should be easily overlooked. We’d like to extend our appreciation to the group for the time they took in coming to spend the day with us as they truly gave it their all and even though they didn’t finish the sandwiches provided (the office was more than happy to take charge of their leftovers) they were the ones who made the day a roaring success.