Pfizer unveils new quit smoking campaign via WiTH Collective: “Quit Nagging”

Pfizer’s new campaign launched this week and not only target smokers, but also friends and family who want them to quit with a very simple premise – quit nagging.

Pfizer has released an integrated campaign for its prescription-only quit smoking brand, via WiTH Collective.

Isabel Chan, Brand Manager at Pfizer states “Most smokers don’t listen to ‘quit smoking’ advertising. But, for every smoker, there are several motivated family members, friends or colleagues who desperately want them to quit. Unfortunately, many people try to persuade a smoker to quit by pestering them repeatedly. The intention is absolutely right, but studies show nagging actually hinders the process of quitting. So, our campaign has focused on the simple fact you’re 4x more likely to quit smoking with the help of your doctor. For this campaign, WiTH have created a world-first for us, launching ‘World No-Nagging Day’, as well as a platform that makes our modest budget work as hard as it possibly can across owned, digital and earned channels.”

“As a prescription brand, this product is tricky to advertise because you can’t mention the brand name or any direct product attribute. So, it’s been wonderful working with Izzy’s team to find smart, strategic messages. This campaign promotes a visit to the doctor as a way to help people quit two unhealthy habits – smoking and nagging. It sets up a different way for loved ones to influence the smoker in their life – “I’ll quit nagging if you talk to your doctor.” says Steve Coll, chief creative officer, WiTH Collective

“As well as ‘World No Nagging Day’, the campaign consists of several social films featuring the most outrageous nags our panel of smokers had been subjected to, as well as a Quit Nagging site, and on-premise messaging.”

The work is the first to be 100% developed in-house using WiTH’s new content division – headed up by Iain Todd, head of production and directed by WiTH creative director, Simon Fowler.

“Our insight is that word-of-mouth from family and friends remains the most powerful way to influence a smoker’s decision to quit, something we’ve worked closely with Red Planet to realise. Strategically, this campaign is a first of its kind and I’m delighted with the work.” Says Justin Hind, CEO, WiTH Collective

The campaign has already gone live via Facebook, YouTube, radio, outdoor, ambient and owned media.

Source – Ibbonline