Novo Nordisk discusses lessons from a diabetes education campaign at the ePharma Summit

To address the lack of online information about diabetes, Novo Nordisk turned to YouTube star Michael Stevens, who runs the Vsauce channel, and collated a mix of marketing strategies that includes influencers, original content, and SEO.

Jeremy Shepler, head of U.S. commercialization for Novo Nordisk’s diabetes drug Ozempic, talked about the lessons learned from the diabetes campaign at the ePharma Summit in New York on Thursday.

The company’s diabetes marketing team was looking to reach patients who had been diagnosed recently that were trying to learn more about the disease. Novo Nordisk wanted to educate as a priority and not necessarily push patients toward the brand name drug when it launched the push in October 2014.

“We don’t always need to drive to ‘,’” Shepler said. “As a leader in diabetes, we’re faced with a situation, and a real challenge: how do we help patients understand complexity of this disease in most simple terms that doesn’t look like a health lecture.”

Which he states is how the team discovered on Stevens’ educational videos. At the time, videos that explained the basics of diabetes were scarce and patients were often stuck between reading complex health information meant for doctors or articles and websites that tended to spread misinformation rather than inform about the disease, Shepler said.

Source: MMM-Online