NHS Blood and Transplant collaborates with Moonpig to boost donor numbers via Valentine’s Day Cards

Moonpig, a personalised greeting card company, joined with NHS Blood & Transplant to curate a social good message to encourage the UK public to sign up for organ donations.

The company partnered with the NHSBT to add a unique message to its Valentine’s Day campaign by handing out 6,400 free cards to those on the organ donor list in the UK.

The words from Brands2Life feature pun-heavy content such as ‘I only have eyes for you… unless they get donated to someone who needs them – which is also cool’ and ‘Urine my heart, urine my soul… but one day my kidney may be in someone else’.

Ollie Edwards, creative director, consumer at Brands2Life said: “The Moonpig brand is a delicate balance of heart and humour. We decided to go back to the heart of the brand with this Valentine’s campaign. It’s great to hear that these ‘cards that count’ are already initiating conversations up and down the country, and may one day, save someone’s life.”

Andrea Ttofa, head of organ donation marketing at NHS Blood and Transplant added: “Telling those closest to you what you want is so important, but only 3 out of 10 people in England have had a conversation with their partner about organ donation. We really hope that Moonpig’s cards will help to change this and make it easy for people to talk to the person they love about this important issue.”

A series of video content was also created for the campaign that featured couples being asked what they loved most about their partners:

Source: TheDrum