‘For millennials, mobile is like breathing’ states JnJ’s head of digital and innovations

In Asia Pacific, where millennials make up the majority of the market, the quest to reach them is becoming more and more of a priority for marketers.

However, mobile seems to be the answer, as Richa Goswami, head of digital and innovation, APAC Johnson & Johnson, puts it, “for them being on mobile is like breathing, it’s normal,” she stated during her keynote at Mobile Marketing Association Forum in Singapore.

“Mobile has changed everything, it’s the way you consume content, the way you expect to be engaged, the way you buy things,”

This is even more evident in APAC where mobile ad spend is growing, and smartphones becoming the only way some people in Asia access the Internet.

This evolution of mediums to reach the consumer now offers new opportunities for marketers to connect according to Richa, as the distance to consumers literally narrows with each new media.

“To give a sense of how much mobile is part of our lives, if you think of the evolution of content… you listen to the radio from the other room, the proximity to your content is really far, then TV came along and you would see it across the room, then the desktop,” said Richa.

“Then comes the mobile device, and how do you engage with that device? It’s in your personal space. What a tremendous opportunity it is to create that connect and take it to the next level,” she added.

These new opportunities are upending the traditional rules, Richa noted, with “the main message having to come upfront,” rather than a slow build up to it.

“If you cannot show your brand, if you cannot hook the consumer within the first two to three seconds, you might as well forget about it,” she said.

This has also changed the game for marketers raised on the old ways of creating work, according to Richa.

“Don’t do creative for the sake of creative. Creative has to be fit for purpose and fit for platform. Now you have your agencies come in with a laundry list of assets, from canvas to bumper ads, everything is thrown at you, but why am I using that particular asset?” explained Richa.

With regards to how marketers should tell a story, and for Richa it comprises of three parts, context, impact and action.

“What do I mean by context; when I think about the region we’re in, there are three critical things, the first is make sure it is applicable to the micro moment they are in, second is learn about the different platforms beyond Google and Facebook, last thing, we live in a region with 2G and 4G, so make sure you are creating the right content for right platform,” said Richa.

“The next thing is impact, the way people recall content on a desktop is very different from a mobile device, so make sure that you’re building a creative that responds at the speed that people consume at. Going back to the non-sexy part of the thing we do, make sure your platform has the speed of response. Traditionally websites are not built for mobile, so we have to relook at the way we build our platform.

“The last thing is action, this is absolutely critical, because again as marketeers, we all love to be at the top of the funnel, we love to create the awareness videos, but a lot of the work is down the funnel where you have a call to action. Now it is absolutely critical in every meeting, for all my content on a mobile device, I make sure that I can locate the product; do I have the offer? Will I be able to access the website to buy? This helps to make sure you’re telling the story, help retargeting, and most importantly that they will buy your product,” she added.

Source – theDrum