MedComms Professionals August Update!

We have been very busy last month, taking advantage of the sunny weather to go out and about to visit a whole range of our clients. Starting at the end of July with a trip to Thames Ditton, followed by a visit to Manchester (via Macclesfield), as well as multiple trips into London, this has definitely been one of our busier months!

Our August of meetings kicked off technically on the 29th July with a trip to the beautiful Surrey village of Thames Ditton, home to Havas Life. We have worked with Havas Life (including Sciterion and Havas Life Medicom) for several years so it is always nice to revisit, especially in such unusual surroundings. Havas Life have the benefit of being easily commutable from London and Surrey but set within countryside surroundings with plenty of parking! Between Sciterion (medical education) and Medicom (PR, brand communications and advertising), Havas Life cover all areas of communications and also have an onsite digital and creative team to support all accounts as required.

Our next stop was the first of our trips to London, squeezing in candidate meetings between trips to Publicis and Pharmagenesis. Publicis are a company that we’ve recently started working with again and were excited to hear their thoughts on further growth for their health division with lots of exciting things planned across their agencies. We also had an interesting discussion regarding IR35 and Publicis’ plans for this when it comes into play in April 2020 (for more information on IR35, how will affect contractors, and how we can support with the change, please contact us).

After meeting a number of our candidates, we then hopped back on the Bakerloo line for the third time to Pharmagenesis, right in the heart of London next to Trafalgar Square. This was again, an enjoyable meeting with one of our more long-standing clients who are bursting at the seams of their current office and looking for our help to find new employees with a similar work-ethic for when they move offices at the end of the year.

For our penultimate trip out this month, we hopped on the 6.15am train from Reading and headed up to Manchester for visits with Nucleus Global and Meridian Health Comms. Meridian are a fairly new client of ours and it was really good to get to see their offices and find out their plans for the future – more growth and a potential office move as they build upon recent success.

We have worked with Nucleus for quite a while and are regular visitors to their London office, but this is the first time we’ve been to their Manchester site, and also popped in to see their fairly new Macclesfield location on our way home, so two completely different vibes and cultures from the two towns. Nucleus are always an impressive business to visit and their internal Learning and Development team and flexibility options are always of interest to candidates.

Whilst in Macclesfield, we visited another huge medical communications powerhouse in the form of Ashfield. Again, they have been a long-standing client of ours but again, most of our meetings take place in the London office; this gave us the chance to visit one of their other offices in a beautiful old mill building in the heart of Macclesfield. We were starting to flag slightly towards the end of the day so need to thank the Ashfield team for their understanding and relaxed approach to our meeting. Once this was done, we were on the train home and, despite an unexpected diversion to Birmingham, managed to be back in Reading for 9:02pm.

The month of meetings ended with another trip to London, and a chance for our newest team members to visit Huntsworth Health and Synergy Vision. Huntsworth Health have worked with us for a long time and this was a chance for the team to discuss roles with both Apothecom and Evoke, covering medical education, PR and advertising across the board. Huntsworth have just moved into new offices just a few floors above Open Health (we have a planned visit there in September so at least we know where we are going!) and it was nice to see them all settled in and see what they have done with the space.

Synergy Vision are another of our long-standing clients and with the implementation of their innovative new 4 day working week (across all job roles), we get a lot of interest in them as a potential option for our candidates. It was good for us to find out more about this, how they found this works and a little more about their business – they’re not just the ‘4-day week agency’!

And this concludes our month of meetings… If you have any interest in any of the above agencies, please do get in touch as we are not only able to give you in-depth information about the roles, we can also give you first-hand knowledge of the people, culture and companies. We have already got meetings booked in for the month of September but can always do more, and are happy to meet with clients and candidates, so please do let us know if you’d like to meet.