GlaxoSmithKline sponsors MIT real-world data flu app in the hope it goes viral

GSK is sponsoring a new Android mobile app that was created with the aim to raise awareness, educate users and collect health outcomes data relating to the flu and other ailments.

The app, Flumoji, was developed by MIT Connection Science, a cross-discipline group from the US Institute, and is being positioned as a ‘health wizard’.

“Tell it how you feel and it will magically learn how to help protect you from flu and other ailments,” as MIT’s description of the app puts it.

However, information on how user data will be collected and put to work is not apparent and this lack of transparency, along with the app’s multiple purposes, could hold it back from becoming successful.

Nevertheless, GSK hopes Flumoji will ‘go viral’, as users share the free app online and watch it spread to friends and friends-of-friends, something they can then keep track of a ‘Flumoji Spreaders’ leaderboard.

Hopefully the app will prove more shareable than the firm’s #Flumoji hashtag, which has been used a handful of times on Twitter to date, with tweets primarily from GSK themselves.