Cello Health to offer new social media and analytics services

Cello Health LogoCello Health, professional marketing and medical agency that provides insight and expertise to pharma, biotech and health sectors, has launched a new division to offer social media and analytics services it’s client base.

Cello Health Logic, created from Cello Health Insight’s digital division, aims to meet their needs by analysing and better understanding the volume of real-world conversational data, which Cello has said will drive “strategic decision making”.

The new business venture will provide clients access to data sources, including online conversations and validated views of healthcare professionals to complement the data generated from the vast array of consumer social media channels.

With the aim of changing how pharmaceutical companies deal with social media, Damian Eade, managing director of Cello Health Logic, stated: “For years, pharmaceutical companies kept the idea of social media at arm’s length, bound by the challenging regulatory environment.

“But as the inescapable rise of digital health has continued at pace, the tide has well and truly started to turn.

“While companies know they need to be listening, they need the technical capability, as well as the healthcare specific expertise and understanding to navigate and make sense of this vast sea of data.”

He also added that Cello Health Logic would be able to meet this increasing requirement within the current market.

Jane Shirley, chief executive officer of Cello Health, said: “Over the course of our [digital division] projects, it became increasingly evidence that there is an appetite for social media insights, and more so, an appetite to be able to translate this conversational data to clear actions to drive healthcare brand strategy.”

Cello Health Logic becomes the fourth company under the Cello Health umbrella, following its sister companies Cello Health Insight, Cello Health Consulting and Cello Health Communications.

Source: PMLive