MedComms Professionals are proud that our innovative scheme to support new talent and growth in the medcomms sector, is now in its 4th successful year.

We have placed over 60 BSc/MSc/PhDs into their first to industry role to date.

Having identified a talent shortage particularly at the 1-3 year level in the med comms industry, and a lack of companies taking on and training junior staff, we are offering
a solution by training the very best life science graduates in the market to accelerate them through a successful career in med comms – either in writing or account handling.

Applicants are assessed on an initial cover letter and CV, then if successful go through a rigorous telephone interview which delves into motivations, qualifications, experience and technical knowledge, as well as completing a medical writing test which is marked by an industry expert PMW, all before final assessment to gain a coveted place on the Academy.

We can then offer this freshly trained talent to our clients as a cost-effective solution to their workload and growth plans, saving time and money, and giving them a great start to their careers.

If you are interested in gaining a competitive edge over other agencies by hiring the best talent first and being part of this innovative solution that could revolutionise your future recruitment, then come along to see them in action and you can hire them in a very cost- effective way.

Having done extensive research on roles within the med comms industry we discovered 3 critical things that cost our clients:

  1. Time to screen and select candidates, particularly at junior level, would take on average 12 to 23 days. Many clients felt pressure from the huge response to junior roles which they would need to screen for quality, conduct telephone assessment calls and / or send writing tests out and mark – all alongside their standard and busy working day!
  2. Time to fill a vacancy, due to lack of talent with 1-3 years’ experience (there are currently 35% more jobs than candidates when we compared figures from our database and on top of this we all know you need technical and personality fit), ranged from 5 weeks for junior roles on average, to some more senior roles taking around 12 months to fill.
  3. Hiring freelancers to cover open roles is a more costly solution which we can offer, but is not ideal for client relationships on the pharma side and can often cause more disruption.

We wanted to come up with something innovative that would support agency’s growth whilst still being cost-effective. So based on other successful, similar schemes within Clinical Professionals, the MedComms Academy was born.

We want our clients to be involved, and even participate if they wish, as the end result is we place more excellent talent into the med comms sector that over the next 2 – 5 years will hopefully allay the shortage of skill set at the mid-tier level and further accelerate growth in the industry