Time is of the Essence


Madonna lied to us, if anything time doesn’t go by slowly. In fact it whips by at a breakneck pace leaving us in the billowing dust of its wake. Sure, the clock can seem to be dragging its second hand across its face at a glacial pace when you’re twiddling your thumbs of an afternoon, whilst in actual fact hours have gone by within a blink of an eye.


If we don’t course through life with a harried sense of urgency then what’s the point? You can catch up on all that vital sleep you missed when you’re six feet under and pushing daisies. Should you fail to eke out every single instance of greatness open to you how will anyone notice you were ever here?

For example, when you are job hunting and your recruitment consultant has left messages trying to book you in for interview, just drop them a call back. Admittedly life doesn’t stop for anyone and you will undoubtedly have vital circumstances that prevent you from engaging fully with your search. But I promise you that your recruiter will understand, and if you’ve lost your confidence and wish to remain firmly ensconced in your comfort zone then that’s fine too. However, keep in mind we are trained professionals, and have some great advice when dealing with cold feet.

On the flip side, when you are a company on the hunt for fresh talent, sometimes business matters will pile up and prevent you from dedicating needed time to those tantalising CVs on your desk without altering your recruitment contact, matters will undeniably worsen before they get better. If you can alert us to your circumstances then we can assist you in the best way possible. It’s pure and simple smart business. Surely it wouldn’t be too much trouble to tell us it’s a no so we can update potential candidates.

Admittedly these are issues my team and I face on regular basis, they are not only frustrating but time consuming. This is an industry where if you don’t move fast, on any front, you’re liable to miss out.

However, there are plenty of other instances in your everyday life when it’s helpful to get a bit of a wiggle on. So on a Friday that will no doubt prove incredibly hectic indeed, move it and move it fast. Give yourself a reason to have earned a truly relaxing weekend. So in order to help you improve time keeping I have included some of my favourite tips below:

  • Listen to music – make sure this is upbeat, instrumental music. You will be amazed how much this helps you get in the zone.
  • Lists – I love my lists, when I feel swamped with work, I write down every possible task and then award them points out of importance, and list how long I believe it will take to complete them. This allows me to structure my day better and helps me remember what needs to be done and when.
  • Allocate time slots – this is a tip provided by my colleague, he allocates time slots within the day to certain tasks, if he cannot get everything done in the time, or it is held up he will move onto the next. This ensures that you don’t spend half the day on a task that can be completed in minutes later on.
  • Eat well – Yes ok, it is very easy to snack on junk as it is convenient, however I’m sure many of you have experienced the dreaded sugar crash when you are swamped. Try trading the sweets for fruit or oat based snacks that release energy over a longer period of time.

Hope these tips help, but don’t forget to take regular breaks!


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