The Reinvigorating Effect of January

There is always something special about January. After the delights of Christmas and the recent cold snap we have been shivering through, that might strike you as an odd claim. However, hear me out and bear in mind the fact that I work in recruitment…

Be it a New Year’s resolution or people simply having time to reflect over the festive period about changing their job situation, there are quite a few people on the hunt for new opportunities. You can trust me when I say it has been something of a busy fortnight.

Thanks to my insatiable curiosity and playing around (ahem, I mean conducting vital research into the candidate mind set) on Google Trends, it showed clear patterns in searching behaviour. For instance December shows a clear dip in numbers of individuals looking around the internet for terms such as ‘new job’, ‘job search’ or for the job boards like Indeed, whereas the search volume spikes in January and is notably the highest peak in the year.


Of course, as a recruitment company there are myriad ways we look to add value to your working experience (aren’t we helpful?). Our innovative industry leading salary survey might help to give you that vital back up information needed when you go to ask for that well deserved raise.

On the other hand, a better job might not even be what you’re looking for. If the first step onto the career ladder might be what you’re gunning for as a fresh faced eager graduate. Funnily enough, we can also help you out there. The Clinical Professionals Training Academy could help you out with securing that first to industry role within clinical trials and here on the MedComms desk we are leading up to our next Junior Assessment Centre at the end of the month. (If you are interested at all the world of Medical Communications feel free to message me!)

New Year is a very convenient time to begin to ring in the changes. The steps you want to take might not even be directly related to your work. What about investigating relocation? That might lead to a necessary change in job of course unless you’re interested in extreme commuting.

Just because it’s January it doesn’t mean that a career move is the right thing for you at this particular moment in time. You could be holding out for a bonus or a long dangled promotion. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t start exploring potential opportunities open to you down the line. As it is always worth conducting regular research on your ideal role and by building a relationship with a recruiter before you’re ready to make applications ensures they will have the chance to really understand what you’re looking for.

Whatever your reason for getting in touch, know that you can call in on 01189522792 to hear about vacancies we’re working on, for guidance about your career or even just for a nice chat or feel free to email me at


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