New digital innovation team launched by Boehringer Ingelheim, called BI X

Boehringer Ingelheim is currently looking for UX designers, data scientists and front-end engineers to help staff a new digital innovation team, BI X.

The German pharmaceutical firm hopes that BI X’s combination of scientists, coders and designers will aid in accelerating its research and development efforts, as it builds the digital lab ‘from the ground up’.

“By harnessing the speed and intelligence of digital applications and analytics, our work will revolutionise drug trials and patient treatment worldwide,” the company notes.

It adds that the coders and designers it will recruit will “positively impact on the lives of millions”.

The BI X team will do this by leading Boehringer Ingelheim’s digital transformation and providing ‘value-adding’ innovation across the pharmaceutical company’s portfolio.

Boehringer notes its Ingelheim location in the Rhineland countryside is ‘off the beaten track’, but says “just because you work in Ingelheim doesn’t mean you have to live there”.

Instead the firm points to the “lively nightlife and hipster cafes” of nearby Mainz, the elegant city of Wiesbaden and the big city life of Frankfurt.

Source: PMLive

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