What to Look for in a Potential Medical Communications Employer

There will come a time when you need to consider moving on from your current place of work. This can happen for a number of reasons such as pay, relocating or you just fancied something new. Whatever the case when you consider how much time we spend working in our lives (depressing I know!), it stands to reason that to make sure you are giving your time and hard work to a company who do their best to deserve it and will look after you. So when you are on the hunt for the next step in your career what sorts of things should you be looking out for in a new employer?
Of course it’s key for you to consider what point you’re at in your career and decide what factors are the most important to you. Such as what does a company need to be for you to consider it a potentially good fit?

What projects and therapy areas do they work on?

If you’re a creative type, then an agency that prides itself on its technicality and high science prowess might not be the right fit for you. If they specialise in a particular therapy area is it something you have experience or at least an interest in? The latter will not only help your career in the long run but will also make your efforts feel worthwhile as opposed to just doing the usual 9-5 daily grind.

What career opportunities are there?

You may already be interviewing for a position but what are your longer term prospects with this particular agency? Are people who work there able to climb through the ranks? Or will you have to look at making a move every time you deserve a promotion?

What are the benefits like?

Research not only what is promised in your contract but sort of office culture do they have? If they have Nerf guns lying around that get used on a regular basis to make warfare on the office would that excite or worry you? Is the atmosphere tense and everyone is looking stressed or do they appear constructively busy and relaxed?


Are they understanding?

Not every company will be in a position to offer you full home working or something similar should an urgent need for it crop up. But will they try and accommodate you in a difficult position? This can be particularly essentially if you have young children.

Will your career be secure and stable with them?

Do they have a revolving door of staff leaving suspiciously soon before passing probation? What’s their reputation in the industry? Also have a look at their page on Glassdoor, it is a handy website to see what the employees think of their company but always be prepared to take such reports with a grain of salt – former employees may be bias depending on their experience.

Who’s at the top of the ladder?

Depending on the size of the prospective company you may or may not have a lot of direct contact with the CEO but they’ll have a definite impact on various aspects of life working there. When researching, keep an eye out for mentions of the man or woman in charge. Do they get involved in mentoring? What sorts of causes do they get behind? What’s their social media presence like? (such monitoring is a two-way street when it comes to interviewing)

Does the company go above and beyond?

There’s a lot to be said for keeping your head down and getting on with your work. However, there are other factors at play within the wider industry and indeed communities as a whole. Does the company do anything to foster or facilitate junior talent? Do they run or attend events designed to help get people into industry such as open career events or, random example, MedComms Professionals very own Junior Assessment Centre?

How do your answers measure up for your current place of work? What does your company do to make you happy? What would really tempt you away?

We meet with as many of our clients and candidates as possible and as such have some great insight into medical communications businesses operate and what makes them tick. Feel free to call in on 01189522792 or email rosalind@clinicalprofessionals.co.uk to get the inside scoop on your next career prospect.

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